Mi Mix Alpha first impressions show creative cell phone, but without many differentials


Mi Mix AlphaXiaomi does not yet have a foldable cell phone to call its own, but certainly, the Mi Mix Alpha is a product that stands out for being built almost entirely by a screen.

Despite being a conceptual product, it will be sold in limited units in some markets like the Indian, at a price of $ 2,500. Youtuber Marques Brownlee, the MKBHD, had the chance to get his hands on it in advance.

In the video published on his channel on the platform, he begins by unboxing the product, which comes in a large, luxurious and flashy box, something rare when it comes to Xiaomi. Showing the first details of the device, we see that there are two metal bars with a very interesting finish on the top and bottom of the device. In the first, we have the power button, and in the second, the USB-C connection, SIM card box, and microphone.

The speaker emits three-dimensional sound under the screen, as Vivo did in some of its conceptual devices. About the hardware set, here we have a Snapdragon 855 Plus with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage with UFS 3.0 technology, in addition to a 4,050mAh battery to handle this whole screen.

The first thing that draws your attention when using the device is the device’s sidebar, which when the display is on display notifications. It is a kind of edge screen as we saw on Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge.

The recharge animation is a show apart since we talk about a device wrapped in the screen, Xiaomi here played “fill” the phone with a green animation as the device gains more battery.

As expected, to take a selfie the phone indicates that you must hold it on the reverse side. The screen portion at the rear, which also contains the vertical ceramic line with the three camera sensors, serves to guide you when taking the photo.

Another function of the sidebar is to activate the volume menu. But it must be controlled by the interface that appears on the screen, with touches.

Although fun, the Mi Mix Alpha shows why it is a concept phone: expensive to produce, it is not so useful to have a phone like that in everyday life. In fact, as it is impossible to use cases on it, it is not recommended to have it as the main cell phone, since it is impossible to protect this screen, present in every space of the cell phone.

Finally, for those who thought this was a curved panel, they were wrong: what Xiaomi did here was to combine several glued screens – in front, on the sides, and at the back – to make that impression.

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And you, would you have a Mi Mix Alpha for ostentation? Do you expect Xiaomi to launch its first foldable phone soon? Tell us in the comments!

Source: youtube


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