3D photos on Facebook: network is using AI to create 3-dimensional images


FacebookFacebook is by far one of the largest social networks today. Surrounded by controversies, he has even become a major competitor for YouTube, with broadcasts of major games like Libertadores 2020 that will be shown on the social network. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, the social network is using the feature to create 3D photos from 2D photos.

This new function brings the 3D photography feature to more people since many people still do not have cell phones capable of taking this type of photography. It is interesting to remember that in order to have photos in 3D it was necessary to take pictures in portrait mode, as Facebook uses data captured by a secondary camera that captures the depth of the environment and displays them within the application.

The function, which was launched in 2018, has now arrived for all devices on both Android and iOS that use the most updated version of the application. It is very interesting to note that the artificial intelligence used on the network can even create an effect in old photographs, as long as they have enough resolution and quality, according to Facebook. See the tutorial on how to use the feature when it was released:


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Remember that TudoCelular has already made a tutorial on how to create 3D photos on Facebook quickly and easily, just access it by the link below and let your imagination run wild with the new function available to everyone from now on! It is important to say that 3D photos only work within the social network and on the cell phone, that is, they do not always behave the same way on the computer.


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