Mate X2: Huawei folding appears in a leaked layout with two screens and stylus


Mate X2More and more rumors and information start to follow the path that Huawei can take for the successor of the foldable Mate X, but with giant changes that should make the product less like a smartphone that gets bigger and more like a small tablet that can be stored in the pocket.

First, Huawei filed a patent showing details of the project with an integrated stylus, then we saw rumors about the company adopting a flexible Samsung display that folds inward on its next foldable, and recently a leak reinforced that format and the extremely powerful hardware.

Now the Dutch website LetsGoDigital has discovered a new image released on Friday with the approval and publication of the patent in CNIPA (Chinese body similar to Anatel).

Mate X and Mate X2: from smartphone to the foldable tablet?

As you can see above, the image shows two rendered parts of the possible Mate X2 design with written words that reveal more details about the final design format.

First, we see the general: with a new design, the device will offer a screen that folds only inwards and, therefore, there will be no “smartphone mode” as in the first Mate X or Galaxy Z Fold 2. Because of this, it is complicated to categorize the project as a foldable smartphone, since it can only be used in “tablet mode.”

Huawei’s image also shows the protruding side region that will house the main components and cameras of the device: in this part, we have two lenses for selfies, each with its own circular notch. On the back cover, Huawei will offer four main cameras.

A single-screen across the length

Another detail in the second rendered part of the possible Mate X2 shows details of the lower region of the project. As you can see above, we have the positioning of the stylus (“pen”) in the lower region, and right next to it we see a line around the screen and revealing the “connected display” of the product.

With the line going from one region to another, there is a lot of possibility for Huawei to be planning to offer a screen across the entire length of the interior, without division and without using two different screens. It would just be a large flexible OLED panel molded from one side to the other of the device.

On the left side, we have the always visible part of the screen, called “connected sub-display”. It would feature additional features like time, notifications, and, in certain applications, easily accessible features. Then the screen itself would “run” down the side to the thinnest part of the body, delivering a larger screen just folded inwards.

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Huawei’s new folding device is expected to be unveiled in the coming months, so we’ll be on the lookout for any news.


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