Mario Kart Wii Game Finder ‘missions’ mode


Mario Kart Wii Game Finder 'missions' mode

The racing game Mario Kart Wii became the second best selling Wii with nearly a decade since its release, is considered the game of the series Mario the most successful in the console. A player scoring the codes of the game eventually discovered a file that has not yet been enabled but indicates that Nintendo has been working with the intention of inserting a mode “Missions” in  Mario Kart Wii similar to that implemented in Mario Kart DS.

Thus, the main focus would be to provide players with small tasks with limited time for completion, for example, involving a certain number of  Coins or even defeating a certain boss.

The Mr. Bean 35000vr gamer who managed to discover the “mission” in the game, even managed to run some of the activities programmed by Nintendo itself for the game. Watch the video of the game who demonstrates how he made the fascinating discovery.

The  Mission Mode, also present in  Mario Kart DS, is a series of challenges, such as race through gates, race defeat bosses, among others.

There are approximately 13 valid modes, among them: get mini turbos to earn points, grab item boxes to gain points, defeat enemies to gain points, steer to gain points, defeat Topmen bosses, collect coins, pass over gates and complete 3 laps Within the given time.

The player reported that he has been trying to figure out what the rest of the models perform. Another novelty, according to him, is that adding SZS files   “to the Mission Run folder”   by entering the names correctly gets you great results,

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