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Rumor: There is a Dead Rising 5 in the oven and it goes 25 years after original


According to a member of 4Chan, Dead Rising 5 is already under development and with a relatively advanced state of production as there are several details revealed. It is worth mentioning that everything is just a rumor, but in the past, some unpublished games have already been leaked there. So keep in mind that everything can be a scam.

Rumor: There is a Dead Rising 5 in the oven and it goes 25 years after original

Come on. The most important information about the possible new Capcom title is that it would no longer be in the hands of Capcom Vancouver, the person responsible for the franchise would have a new protagonist named Jack and it would be 25 years after the story of the first game.

Check out the details supposedly revealed:

  • Production began in late 2015. Capcom Vancouver was already satisfied with the Dead Rising 3 franchise, but Capcom insisted that there was a Dead Rising 4
  • For now, the game is called only “Dead Rising”, without numbering, but it is not a reboot, but a resumption to various things of the franchise
  • The game will take place in a university town with three separate sectors: the campus, the city, and the mall
  • The game is 25 years after the original. You will control Jack, a photojournalism student famous for his conspiracy theories. He will see the zombie infection as a way to get promoted.
  • The game will be very similar to the first Dead Rising, with the return of the time limit – which will be very challenging. The players will have to give up some quests and remake them in other Zeratinas, but there are rumors that it is possible to do 100% first if the player devotes much
  • The caricature and psychopathic villains, those who fought with the zombie outbreak, will once again return to the franchise
  • No character from previous games, but Frank West is often mentioned
  • In the timeline of this new game, Dead Rising 4 will not be canonical
  • The photos will come back, as well as the ability to question and interrogate some characters, something that will be used in the main campaign and in sidequests
  • The escort missions will return, but with a much better AI than the first game. In addition, they will only take half the time of secondary missions, with the other half focused on narrative and research

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Is all this true? We’ll have to wait. If the rumors are correct, Dead Rising 5 is a project that was played in parallel to Dead Rising 4  at a time and by another developer. Remember that the fourth title of the franchise is one of the recent games that did not reach the 1 million mark sold, which brings us two possibilities:

The rumors may be true and the chance for Capcom to revive the series or an invention, Since hardly any franchises that are bad sales are continued.

Rumor: There is a Dead Rising 5 in the oven and it goes 25 years after original

For now, we will have to wait. The rumor raised in 4Chan (which, according to the user, was leaked from a friend of his who works at Capcom) does not mention any platforms, so if true, there is no information if the game will remain exclusive to Microsoft platforms.

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