Line tops times! Xiaomi releases kernel of Redmi K20 Pro and Mi Mix 3 5G


Redmi K20 Pro and Mi Mix 3 5GXiaomi has a system that works great on their devices, but not everyone likes MIUI.

Anyone who wants an alternative route can opt for an Android One device, such as the Mi A2. Who prefers another product of it but without the customized OS can resort to custom ROMs.

An important step for them to work well is the release of the kernel of the devices from the manufacturers, and well, Xiaomi has the habit of doing this: now it has just released the “core” of Redmi K20 Pro and Mi Mix 3 5G.

These phones are available in very specific markets, such as Chinese and in regions of Europe in the case of the second. This will help alternative developers offer more stability and security in systems like lineages, as a significant part of the device code is being made available.

Android customizations like this are important because they help ensure the survival of older smartphones that may benefit from newer versions of Google’s OS even though they have not been released by the manufacturer.

It is always worth remembering, however, that installing alternative rooms involves unlocking the bootloader, which means losing the warranty. Therefore, it is ideal to use them when there is no more coverage on the part of the manufacturer and always very carefully during the installation process.

Remember, the simpler model of the Redmi K20 line is gaining international launch with the nickname Mi 9T. Its recently launched in Spain suggests the friendly prices we always expect from the Chinese.

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And you, are you interested in one of these models? Tell us in the comments!

  • The Redmi K20 Pro is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when it arrives click here.
  • The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is available on Amazon for $ 2,900.



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