LG announces concept of transparent OLED TV that wraps around the base of the bed


OLED TVAlthough they do not seem to have a practical use, transparent displays have been gaining more and more space among the prototypes and concepts of major manufacturers. Xiaomi is one of them, having launched, in August last year, its Mi TV Lux, one of the first commercial OLED TVs in the world to have a transparent panel.

LG’s display division has also been betting on this idea, and has just revealed at CES 2021 the newest TV concept of its kind. The company’s new OLED panel achieves 40% transparency, significantly more than the 10% transparent LCDs the manufacturer has worked with in the past, and integrates with the bed base, rising and falling according to user commands.

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The executive also affirms that the technology “will grow in a new generation of displays that change the paradigm of current displays.” It is worth remembering that, despite dreaming of the future, LG already has its transparent OLED panels in some public places, like corporate buildings and even the Chinese subway.

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