AirPods Pro wins limited edition in China with emojis on the charging case


AirPods ProDespite rumors commenting on the next generation of AirPods Pro, due to be introduced in the first quarter of the year, Apple has just launched a new variant of the headset in China.

This is an exclusive special edition (until then) for the Chinese market, which brings as a differential the presence of the “emojis of the year” not only on the box but also on the carrying cover of the headphones.

And if you expected some new feature, we hate to disappoint you, but it is exactly the same as the model already announced before, including the price – which in Chinese stores is CN ¥ 1,999 (~ R $ 1,643).

Among the features of AirPods Pro, we can mention its active noise cancellation system, which isolates external noise, as well as the Spatial Audio feature, which guarantees greater immersion.

The headphones come with replaceable silicone tips in three different sizes, which help to seal the external sound together with the microphones that constantly adapt to the external noise in order to deliver the best possible audio experience.

Users can also activate Transparency Mode if they need to be aware of ambient noise.

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We don’t yet know whether this special edition of the AirPods will arrive in other markets, but it was clearly a way for Apple to get attention in China amid all the commercial tensions surrounding the U.S. government.

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