It sold a lot! Tablet market in Q4 2019 did not shrink basically because of Apple


AppleApple may be well recognized by iPhones, but it has other gadgets available on the market that give it even a leading position in these segments.

One such case is the iPad: Android tried, but the Cupertino giant is unanimous in this sector. Whoever thinks of a large mobile screen to walk around with it thinks first about the solution with iOS in general. And it is the market numbers that point this out.

For example, the latest market report – referring to the fourth quarter of 2019 – shows that Apple was not only the isolated sales leader in this sector, but its growth was also able to practically stem the losses in this segment.

In the 4th quarter, the company sold 15.9 million iPads, increasing its share of this market to 36.5%. In growth compared to the 4th quarter of 2018, this meant an improvement of 3%. In annual growth, Apple grew a staggering 22.7% in that market.

These numbers were enough that the losses from Samsung, Huawei and Amazon did not impact the overall picture as significantly. South Korean sold 7 million tablets, with 16.1% of market share, while in the annual comparison its drop in sales here was 7.4%.

Huawei shrank 3% in tablets in the year, while Amazon plunged 29%. As Apple did very well, the market only shrank 0.6% in the year.

Also according to IDC, 65% of sales on Apple tablets would have been for iPads 10.2, the latest model launched.

Remember, another Apple product that stands out and has a large number of sales in the market is the Apple Watch. Product diversification has helped the company achieve record numbers in its fiscal reports. In the 4th quarter of 2019, for example, AirPods were a highlight.

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And you, have an iPad? Do you think Apple’s leadership deserved in this market? Tell us in the comments!

Source: phonearena


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