Who would suspect? BitTorrent owner accused of profiting from piracy


BitTorrentTwo employees who worked at Rainerry inc, owner and responsible for BitTorrent, accuse the company of several illegal acts, such as racism, bullying and other things.

According to a document, with approximately 70 pages, employees witnessed scenes of racism, moral harassment, threats and even physical violence and in addition to all this, another issue called attention to a supposed case of piracy.

In addition to the very serious allegations, former employees Lukasz Juraszek (software engineer) and Richard Hall (product manager allege that the company violated copyrights and copyright, focusing mainly on the most successful films, informing the court that the company was making big profits from piracy of movies.

The lawsuit is running in what would be the “Labor Court” of the United States, but it could be referred to another court in order to verify the veracity of the acts and piracy.

Defendants Justin Sun [Rainberry CEO] and his handpicked Chinese subordinates were engaged in illegal piracy of copyrighted materials on behalf of Defendant Rainberry Inc.

According to them, the resignation came at the moment that both stood up against libidinous and illegal acts, both of which report that they were often forced to practice immoral matters with coworkers with a lesser hierarchical position. After the fact, the company claimed that the dismissal occurred because they did not have the “profile” waiting for the company.

We know that in the case of Torrent, a lot of piracy “rolls” through the platform, however companies cannot have a direct connection with the act, as it would go down.

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However, regardless of the acts related to piracy, everything must be verified, as these are very serious allegations, especially when it comes to harassment and racism. We cannot beat the hammer, because the verification of the facts is the responsibility of justice, but if proven, they must pay.


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