iPhone will finally fight equally with the Galaxy S line in terms of zoom, patent shows


iPhoneThe iPhone may even be a smartphone that delivers an interesting experience when it comes to capturing photos and videos, but in one thing it leaves a lot to be desired: the zoom.

If you have or had an iPhone, you know that the laptop’s zooming skills leave a lot to be desired, especially when compared to models like the Galaxy S20 Ultra and its successor, the S21 Ultra.

However, a recent patent shows that Apple is about to solve this problem, implementing a technology already known by several other cell phone brands: periscope zoom lenses.

According to the website PatentlyApple, the document describing the technology showed up on January 29, 2021, at the USPTO, and describes a foldable camera mechanism with a range of 85 to 165 mm.

The foldable camera may perhaps be used in a small camera module. It has two foldable elements and a lens system located between them. Essentially, this novelty would be able to offer superior optical zoom capabilities combined with digital zoom functionality.

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We may see this feature already present in iPhones launched in 2021, however, because they are “S” models, the chances are greater than the feature will debut in 2022. Best of all, the documents also suggest the inclusion of the lens system in products other than the iPhone, that is, it may also be available on iPads and Apple computers.

Source: patentlyapple


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