iPhone 13 Pro appears in rendered images that shows reduced notch


iPhone 13 ProAfter the opening of the season of speculation regarding the iPhone 13 line, which should be presented during the second half of this year to succeed the four cell phones of the iPhone 12 series, we finally have access to some of the first renderings of the next top-of-the-line smartphones from Apple.

One of the details that are widely commented on is the possibility of the Apple reducing the size of the notch – that is, the notch – on the cell phone screen. Now, the recently released images “confirm” this change and show what the iPhone 13 Pro will look like with this feature.

According to the images, it is still possible to notice another subtle difference between the iPhone 13 Pro and its direct predecessor, the iPhone 12 Pro. Although the design of the device remains very similar, it is possible to note that the module that houses the rear lenses is slightly larger than what we already know with the current series of premium phones from the Cupertino company.

And speaking of the cameras, the visual configuration remains the same, despite the supposed difference in size. In other words, the traditional “cooktop” look that is known in the devices until now will be maintained, with the three rear camera sensors aligned triangularly and the set becomes complete with the LiDAR sensor and the LED flash.

This change in the size of the rear module may indicate that Apple works with even larger lenses for your camera.

The sources also revealed, in addition to the rendered images, some alleged specifications of the phone. The iPhone 13 Pro will feature a 6.1-inch screen, just like its predecessor. The smartphone will have dimensions of 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.6 mm – slightly larger than the iPhone 12 Pro, which may indicate that the company can insert a more generous battery in the model.

The change in the size of the notch, as seen in the image, happens thanks to a small repositioning of components. While the iPhone 12 series has the speaker in line with the front camera and the FaceID sensor, the solution adopted in the next cell phone was to move the audio output over the camera lens.

Other speculations about the iPhone 13 still suggest that the phone will have a panel with a refresh rate of 120 Hz in the Pro and Pro Max variants and that all models still have improvements for the wide-angle sensor and up to 1 TB of internal storage.

Apple is expected to introduce its new premium phones in the third quarter of this year, during the month of September.

iPhone 13 Pro: concept shows what the future Apple phone might look like

Concepts serve to show what a product that has not yet been launched would be, based on ideas from experts or rumors in the market. Now, the iPhone 13 Pro has released concept photos and video, which show what the cell phone might look like.

The creations were from the LetsGoDigital website, in partnership with the graphic designer Technizo Concept. The images were based on speculations circulated in the industry for the future Apple smartphone. Check out the video below:

As you can see, the look has several similarities to the iPhone 12 Pro. Common features include the triple camera array, the LiDAR sensor, and straight metal sides.

However, now the rear lenses would be under a single piece of sapphire, with a look similar to that found on Google Pixel 5. That is, nothing of the cooktop look with the individual bounced circles.

The concept would also confirm that the future model of the Cupertino giant would completely dispense with charging with wire when adopting the MagSafe as standard. In this way, there would be again resistance against water and dust.

The trend is for the device to have an AMOLED screen that delivers an adaptive update rate, with a maximum of 120 Hz. The concept also includes the insertion of a biometric reader under the display.

The iPhone 13 Pro is expected to be released – along with other models in the Apple family – only in the second half of 2021.

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And for you, would the iPhone 13 Pro be satisfactory if it had the same features shown in the concept? Tell us your opinion in the comments area.

Source: letsgodigital

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