Google One may interrupt internet connection in case of VPN failures


Google OneThe Google One subscription gives you access to services and features useful for corporate profiles and ordinary users who need more space for cloud storage, or even a layer of security in their Internet browsing through the virtual private network (VPN) offered by the platform.

The service app was recently updated on the Play Store and, in its application package, lines of code were observed that may refer to new system functionality, such that they can cause the smartphone to automatically disconnect from the internet in case of VPN failures or instabilities.

The information comes from, which had access to the codes of the latest version (1.92) of Google One, which is already available to some users. When decompiling the application installation package, a line of code was observed that creates the “block the internet if the VPN disconnects” setting – this setting would cause the connection, in the event of failures, instabilities or a drop in the private network with the internet would be automatically stopped.

In the line of code, it is possible to translate that the following instruction message would be returned to the user: 

Your internet will be blocked if the VPN disconnects. If your device restarts, the VPN will attempt to reconnect automatically. Before that, your internet connection will not be blocked or protected. Once the VPN is working, the icon will appear at the top of your screen.

A dynamic VPN would allow the user to keep browsing continuously secure and non-trackable since, in theory, breaking the connection would prevent other people and third-party companies from identifying the user’s real IP address and location. The new configuration would be added to other features that seek to keep the VPN working fully, such as “VPN always on” and the option to “block connections”.

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The option, although it is a beta feature, however, has its initial development already inculcated in the coding of the app, and can reach users at any time. Until then, anyone can benefit from the security that the Google One virtual private network offers, as long as they have a compatible Android smartphone.

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