IFA 2019: Real images show design of LG G8X and V50s with two screens


Real Apparently the LG G8X and V50s ThinQ should be the same smartphone. This is because new rumors indicate that the only difference between them will be the name since the first must be the global model and the second will be released only in South Korea.

To further confirm this information, our HDBlog friends had access to LG’s booth at IFA 2019where the LG G8X is now ready for public demonstration. One of the biggest highlights of this device is that it will support a second screen.

In addition, sources at LG say the G8X should be made official with a 4G connection, while the V50s will arrive in South Korea with support for the new 5G. 

Despite being available to the public at the German fair, the specifications of the G8X have not yet been confirmed by LG. Still, rumors indicate that the device must have a 6.4-inch notch screen to accommodate the front camera.

The cover with an extra screen should also have a small display on the back. This will allow them to display notifications and other important information to the user even when the smartphone is “closed”.

Possible technical specifications

  • 6.4-inch screen
  • Drop-notch display and integrated fingerprint sensor
  • Dual screen support
  • Second display with less than 2.1-inch screen for notifications
  • Whale browser support optimized for dual screens
  • Connectivity:
  • G8X: 4G
  • V50s: 5G
  • Dual rear camera with LED flash

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For now, LG does not confirm any of the information disclosed. Even so, it seems that the new device should be presented to the public tomorrow (6).

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