Huawei reduces parts order to produce new Mate 40, says rumor


Huawei Despite high public expectations, Huawei has not yet officially introduced the new Mate 40 family. Recently, we saw a number of rumors and leaks about the devices. However, the Chinese giant remains silent on the matter.

Anyway, sources in the company’s supply chain confirmed this week that Huawei has reduced by 30% the number of parts that will be used in the assembly of the Mate 40 and 40 Pro. The information was revealed by DigiTimes.

Apparently, this decision was taken as a preventive measure, since Huawei already admits that it will face a period of falling sales. This must happen because the devices may be restricted to the Chinese market.

As much as Huawei does not officially comment, the same sources indicate that the Chinese are losing its “breath” after the latest United States sanctions. The company has even created a large inventory of parts, chips, and other components, but global sales are hampered for another reason: lack of Google services and applications.

Although it cannot produce its proprietary processors or buy third-party solutions, Huawei has faced a major barrier in the software field. Therefore, the Mate 40 line even has the potential to sell many units, but this should be restricted to the Chinese market.

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It is worth remembering that the new Mate 40 and 40 Pro should be the last Huawei devices to have a high-end processor developed by the brand. Anyway, the Chinese manufacturer itself says that it will not stop investing in HiSilicon. That’s because the company continues to work on new standards to “get out of the US”.


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