Xiaomi signs patent for dual-camera phone with pop-up on both sides


Xiaomi Although it has already introduced its camera technology under the display and is preparing to produce the novelty in 2021, Xiaomi also keeps in its patent portfolio a series of curious solutions.

This week, the Dutch from LetsGoDigital had access to yet another patent from the Chinese giant. Registered with the China Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA), Xiaomi’s idea was to offer consumers a smartphone with two pop-up mechanisms.

According to the documentation, the intention is to allow both to offer front and rear sensors. See below that this left the device smooth and without any camera module.

Another curious detail of the patent is that each pop-up mechanism has a camera on each side. Thus, the user would gain two front and two rear cameras, with the LED flash being “shrunk” on the top of the smartphone.

Despite having this solution at least curious, the Xiaomi phone does not bring other relevant news. Thus, we have two audio outputs for stereo sound and a USB-C port at the bottom. 

For now, Xiaomi has not officially commented on the publication of the patent. Anyway, we warn you that you should consider everything as just another rumor. That’s because there are cases where the company registers an idea and it is never transformed into a device in the real world.

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What did you think of the Xiaomi smartphone? Would you buy a device with this solution? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.

Source: letsgodigital


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