Huawei officials accused of spying on political activists in Africa


HuaweiWhile always denying allegations of espionage, Huawei is still under suspicion and facing a number of problems with the administration of Donald Trump. Now the trend is for everything to get a little worse for the Chinese manufacturer.

That’s because The Wall Street Journal published a report this week that points out that Huawei employees were caught intercepting encrypted messages on behalf of African governments. All the action was being taken to spy on political opponents.

The case happened in Uganda and Zambia, with Chinese officials using a software called Pegasus to access all encrypted messages. According to the newspaper, one target was Bobi Wine, a former Ugandan singer, and activist who is now fighting for political causes.

The newspaper also claims that illegal activities were commissioned from Huawei because local governments lacked the technical capacity to carry out such espionage. However, the Chinese manufacturer denies that it has done any such activity in Africa.

In addition, it seems that Huawei executives in China did not know that their employees were conducting illegal activities in African countries. Another important point is that there is no evidence that the company was also involved in espionage activities at the behest of Beijing.

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Anyway, the case is yet another strain that strikes the reputation of the Chinese manufacturer, which has been suffering restrictions in the United States and some countries of the European Union.


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