Realme 5 has possible price confirmed by brand CEO in India


Realme 5Scheduled for release next Tuesday, Realme 5 is set to hit the Indian market as an intermediate device that will stand out for being the first of its kind to focus on the inclusion of four rear cameras.

Among the information we have already seen, we have the revelation that the phone in question was recently seen on the basis of the Geekbench benchmark application, revealing that it would have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset and 4GB of RAM, placing itself as the main rival for the Xiaomi Mi A3.

Not enough, the brand CEO for the Indian market today posted to his official Twitter account in celebration of the country’s Independence Day confirming that the device would feature a 48MP main camera at the rear, something that had already been anticipated here.

In addition, he also made clear that the chipset embedded in this device was never seen in the country, being the first in the market to be announced. This statement itself is not wrong, given that Xiaomi confirmed the launch of the Mi A3 the day after Realme 5, that is, on August 21st.

However, what really catches the eye in the publication is the direct quotation of the handset price, making it clear that the handset will be the first with four cameras costing under 10,000 Indian Rupees, ie under $ 565 in direct conversion. , disregarding taxes, fees, and other charges that may apply to your device purchase.

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