Huawei Nova 6 5G comes up with dual front camera notch pill; know more


Huawei Nova 6 Huawei is expected to launch the new generation of one of its flagship intermediate smartphone lines soon, according to 91mobiles. With exclusive information, the site reveals that there are great possibilities for the company to announce the Nova 6 with 5G later this year, with an announcement scheduled for December.

In addition, the 91mobiles power supply featured a possible final image showing the upcoming product design, and as you can see below, it seems to stand out with the front panel offering a pill-shaped notch to house the two front cameras.

Without further details about the hardware and specifications, prices or markets in which the handset will be announced, we see that the metal side of the smartphone has different positions for the antennas to pick up and send signals from the 5G network, and you can see the presence a biometric reader on the side that should have an integrated power button, as the right side only displays the volume button and there are no buttons on the left region.

Another detail is for the 3D glassless front panel, confirming that Huawei should reduce manufacturing costs by implementing a 2.5D screen with smooth curves only at the edges of the display, something that almost every company now uses.

Regarding the back cover, we see a set of three cameras in a single protruding module, and a black region next to the flash and the last camera sensor that could be used for focus and lighting sensors, but also to house a 3D ToF sensor as the company itself has done on other occasions.

It is unclear whether Huawei should focus on three traditional-lens, wide-angle and telephoto photosensors, or whether the company will only implement the two-lens traditional-wide-angle photo sensor set, leaving the latter for depth data. of field. That way, both variants could still have a 3D ToF sensor, but none of this is confirmed so far.

Because the Nova line is geared toward the middle market, this may be one of the leading devices manufactured by Huawei to offer 5G connectivity to one of the industry’s most competitive sectors, making it stand out even more in the world.

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However, Huawei is unlikely to introduce the smartphone outside of China or India, as Donald Trump’s sanctions to the company are still affecting the use of Google services and the rollout of Android on today’s handsets, which may be a big problem for the western market manufacturer going forward.

Source: 91mobiles


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