Coming soon! TSMC will have massive 3nm manufacturing in 2023 and invests in factory


TSMC Responsible for manufacturing part of the main processors available today, TSMC has recently released reports that reveal the start of work focusing on the production of 3nm lithography processors, aiming at the goal of starting mass availability in 2023. .

According to information released by the Electronic Times, the company has invested in the acquisition of 30-hectare (300,000 m²) land at Science and Technology Park, located in southern Taiwan.

According to rumors, TSMC is expected to bet on the use of EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography) lithography, following the standards already seen in the company’s current 7nm and 5nm generations.

This confirmation comes at a time when the company is performing well, having achieved net revenues of $ 9,396 billion, bringing the cumulative first-quarter results to $ 24,238 billion, an increase of 1.5% when compared to the same period last year.

To get a sense of the importance of investing in new technologies for the company, last quarter’s numbers were leveraged especially by the 7nm processes, accounting for a total of 27% of sales. Already 10nm were only 2% and 16nm, 22% of the total.

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Thus, it is quite possible that in future generations of CPUs and GPUs, we will still see a strong presence of TSMC as a partner of AMD and Intel, as well as other companies that may benefit from the knowledge gained over the years.

Source: gizchina


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