How to reset the Gmail password ?! This man asked for help from the Google CEO for this


Gmail You have certainly forgotten the password for some social network account, such as Gmail, which in fact has received experience and interface improvement updates, such as new recipients shortcut functions and icons in the web version.

And maybe you have had a few good ones when it comes to recovering this data, even with the step-by-step being made available by the service.

Did it happen to you to contact the Google CEO, who is normally busy defining the future of the company’s smartphone line and even discussing Artificial Intelligence regulations, to help you with this not-so-complex task? If not, know that the attempt has already been made and, in one way or another, the result was positive.

A Twitter user, Madhan, used the social network to contact Sundar Pichai, CEO of Search Giant, and ask for help in resetting his Gmail account password.

Although there is nothing wrong with that, the request was made in response to a post from Pichai about the complicated situation India is facing with the coronavirus pandemic. Check out:

The Google CEO, of course, did not answer the question; but other people did, and the result is quite humorous. Netizens, of course, have not missed the opportunity to joke, but have also tried to direct you to the Gmail password recovery page. Check it out:

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Madhan, who is clearly a newcomer to day-to-day Internet users, does not seem to be part of the furor the request has caused. Did he manage to recover his Gmail password? There remains the questioning.

Source: twitter

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