How beautiful it is! Windows 10X Preview is released with renewed interface


Windows 10X A preview of Windows 10X was recently released and with it a new revamped interface. The changes are big compared to previous versions of the system and in addition, they are quite profound, after all, this version was written almost from scratch and all old elements of Windows were removed. It is worth saying that Windows 10X is dedicated to computers with at least two screens.

Windows 10 is a very controversial system. While it is dominating the market thanks to the new notebooks that come bundled with it and new features, some still rely more on the stability of Windows 7. Bugs and many time-consuming updates to install sin in the efficiency of the operating system.

The new operating system is optimized for touch screens, so it has large icons and avoids using small texts. The dark mode is supported which, as in Windows 10, affects other system applications.

The start menu has gained a new position by default in this version, where the icons are centered on the taskbar, which automatically disappears to take up less space on the screen, becoming a small banner. The notification area is completely remodeled and now it doesn’t go from the bottom to the top of the screen anymore. The control panel also gained a new face.

One important thing to say about the new version is that it is more refined than Windows 10 at one point: not having remnants of other Microsoft systems. That is, here we do not have two Control Panels, old icons or menus in the standard Windows 7 or XP. Everything has been renovated and even the sounds and animations are totally new. If you want to see and hear these news, watch the video below:

As this version of Windows is dedicated to computers with two screens, it also has the split-screen mode, where it is possible to use two applications at once. However, you may have noticed that a button in the window control area is missing: restore. The windows only have buttons to minimize and close applications, this is because the applications here always use the entire screen, except in split mode.

Windows 10X will be launched in 2020, with Surface Neo, the next computer from Microsoft that will have two screens. It is important to say that since it is a previous version, Windows 10X must undergo some changes until the final version.

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If you are wondering where to download the system, it is important to say that, as it is a preview version, it contains bugs and is not suitable for daily use, so much so that the source used it inside an emulator to not install the system on a computer directly. But either way, you need to read Microsoft’s instructions and documentation first.

Source: windowscentral


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