Code allows checking health and battery cycles of Xiaomi phones; check out


Xiaomi Despite the constant advances in wired and wireless charging technologies, the battery is still considered the “Achilles Heel” of smartphones. This is because they tend to wear out over the years, something that reduces the autonomy of the devices.

As a result, the user is forced to change devices, since it is increasingly difficult to replace the battery of new smartphones. Another recurring problem is when someone wants to buy a used cell phone.

However, in some cases, it is somewhat difficult to know how many cycles are left for the battery to start losing performance. So if you are a Xiaomi smartphone owner, there is a very simple code to verify this information.

Open the phone application and enter the code * # * # 6485 # * # *. A screen will automatically open with a series of data.

See below a capture made on a smartphone with MIUI 10 and Android One ( Mi A3 ). The code also works normally on devices with MIUI 11.

Despite the amount of information about the battery scaring, the most important data is in the item identified as MF_02. The number that appears on it is the number of cycles already used in that battery, that is, how many times we put the phone to recharge.

Items MB_00 and MB_06 are also important because they indicate the current percentage of the battery and its health, respectively

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Currently, the battery of a smartphone starts to lose effectiveness after 500 kilos, that is, after about a year and a half. Therefore, having access to this information on the device is important.



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