HomePod firmware gives many clues about the iPhone 8


It seems that someone in Cupertino has made a huge mistake and forgot to erase references to new products from the development versions of the HomePod operating system.

Because of this, some developers have started to analyze the code and have found many clues and evidence of how the iPhone 8 will be, in addition to some of its technical characteristics.

HomePod firmware gives many clues about the iPhone 8

The HomePod firmware unveils part of the design and features of the iPhone 8

Steve Troughton-Smith is the developer who has been most involved in discovering references to the iPhone 8 in the HomePod operating system (which by the way is based on iOS 11.0.2, a version higher than the iOS 11 betas that Apple is distributing currently).

Borderless screen and “island” on top

The first discovery was an icon that represents the next smartphone (you can see in the image above) and has served to reveal part of the design of the device.

HomePod firmware gives many clues about the iPhone 8

The icon shows how the front of the iPhone 8 will be. As rumored during the last months the device will have a screen that will occupy virtually the entire front of the device and the edges are reduced to the smallest expression on all four sides.

In addition, it also confirms the theory that Apple will leave an “island” in the upper central part of the screen . This space is required to place the front camera, handset and sensors you need to function properly.

On both sides of this island the screen will show a notification area, where the battery icons, coverage, etc, etc will be located … In addition, it has discovered a reference to UIStatusBar, a function that would allow the developers to show contents in this space of the Screen in certain situations and that has the option split, which would allow separating the contents to the left and right of “the island”.

Until Apple presents the iPhone 8 we probably will not know exactly how it will work, but we assume that with the naked eye you will not be able to see a big difference between the notification zone and the “island”.

5.15 inches and 2.436 x 1.125 pixels resolution

HomePod firmware gives many clues about the iPhone 8

The size of the screen of the Apple smartphones would increase again according to the information extracted from the HomePod firmware.

According to Steven’s research, the iPhone 8 would have a 5.15-inch screen with a resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 . That is, the screen would have a size close to the current iPhone 7 Plus (which is 5.5 inches) and a much higher resolution (the current model reaches 1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

Despite this increase in screen size, the body of the device could be similar to the current iPhone 7, as eliminating the edges would increase the screen without affecting the device in general. Unfortunately, the firmware does not give information about the physical measurements of the equipment.

Pearl ID Project: Facial Recognition Reaches iOS

Pearl ID Project: Facial Recognition Reaches iOS

This is another point that has been talking quite a while and it seems that finally iOS 11 and the iPhone 8 will debut the facial recognition feature.

The developer has located a Pearl ID error log and by its analysis, everything points to this is a function that, according to rumors, could replace the Touch ID in the next device of the company Cupertino.

The accuracy of the system is still unknown and if it will really come as a substitute for the Touch ID. It will be interesting to see what Apple has been working on and if it really has the capacity to surprise and leave behind other existing systems.

When can we confirm all this information?

Taking into account that all this information has been extracted directly from the development version of the operating system of HomePod we could give it already confirmed.

Anyway, we like to be cautious and until Apple officially presents it we can not be 100% sure. After all, this information could belong to some prototype or there could be last minute variations …

What do you think about the supposed features of the iPhone 8? Do you think they will match the final version of the smartphone?

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