Discover how Hyperloop works, transport created by Elon Musk [video]


One of the best-known startups in the world of technology today is, of course, Hyperloop One. It has been working since 2013 to make Hyperloop, a transportation medium devised by Elon Musk, and has achieved impressive results, including a successful test Oofa prototype on a track located in the state of Nevada, United States. According to the company, the “pod” of transportation has reached an incredible 310 kilometers per hour.

Even with all the hype surrounding the initiative and the great coverage the project receives compared to others of the same type, many people still do not know how Hyperloop works. And for that reason, Hyperloop One has just released a short video on YouTube, but it explains very well what a Hyperloop is.

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The video begins by mentioning the ambitious goal of making transport pods reach more than 1000 kilometers per hour, whether through underground tunnels or on the surface. He goes on to explain that the heart of the whole concept is an electronic motor that has two basic components. You can check all the details in the video that opens the story.

Elon Musk also promised to end traffic in big cities and even set up a new company to do so.

And you, would you dare travel in a Hyperloop now that knows how it works?

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