Homemade leak? Galaxy Note 20 mockups accidentally appear in the Galaxy Store


Galaxy Note 20The Galaxy S20 line was introduced just two months ago, but Samsung may already be preparing for the next generation of S Pen stylus flagships. Usually, this step is internal, done with great care to avoid leaks, but it seems that it is already possible to see what’s coming.

That’s because an image in the Galaxy Store, more precisely in the Samsung Revard section, can give you an idea about the design of the next Galaxy Note 20. Available in the ‘$ 1 Spot Themes’ category, the photo shows three Galaxy smartphones, which include a previously unheard of the model. It is positioned between the Galaxy S10 and the S20.

Although it bears some resemblance to the Galaxy Note 10, it lacks the central hole in the screen, which first appeared with the 2019 device. However, it is worth noting that the design does not resemble previous renderings, which can mean only a mockup, that is, a project.

Another detail that deserves attention is the absence of physical buttons on the right side of the phone. However, there are rumors that the Galaxy Note 20 abandons this aesthetic brought in the latest models, even to better house the S Pen.

Still regarding the hole in the screen, two hypotheses: the notch has been moved to the left side of the screen, as it happens in the Mi 10 line, in the Huawei P40 Pro, and in the next Motorola Edge, or represent, in a less likely hypothesis, that the camera has been allocated below the screen.

This hypothesis is less likely because, when mentioning the second generation of the Galaxy Fold, the leaks pointed out that the camera technology under the display is not ready for the market.

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There is still a long time before Samsung’s next top of the line is unveiled, so all chances are just speculation. The wait has time to end: Samsung has already revealed that it should not delay the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 line, which should happen in August.

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