Galaxy Buds Plus are disassembled and surprise by the ease of repair


Galaxy Buds PlusAnnounced alongside the new members of the Galaxy S20 family, the Galaxy Buds Plus wireless headphones stand out for presenting new features and improved audio drivers. Recently, Samsung released the first software update and even cleared up some questions about the devices.

However, what a lot of people still don’t know is whether it is possible to repair the wireless headphones. Now, the folks at iFixit have resolved this issue by publishing the complete disassembly of Samsung’s new devices.

Amazingly, the Galaxy Buds Plus ended up surprising for not abusing the glue, something common in headphones in the category. As a result, they achieved the seal of repairable devices. Watch the video below.

According to iFixit, despite the initial difficulty of opening Samsung’s headphones, all internal parts were designed to offer a certain level of repairability. Thus, it is very easy to disconnect all internal components.

Samsung was also praised for the way it accommodated the small 0.315Wh battery in the headphones. This is because it is easy to make a replacement, and the internal chips are also organized in a simple way.

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Generally speaking, the Galaxy Buds Plus received a score of 7 for repairability, meaning we can say that they are “the easiest headphones to repair” in the category. As a comparison, Apple AirPods Pro received a zero score in the same test.


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