H1Z1: Just Survive gets name change and many new features


The survival game H1Z1: Just Survive received on Tuesday (15) a great update that made it lose part of its name. Along with a new map, substantial changes in its weapons and melee combat, the new version makes the game known only as ” Just Survive .”

H1Z1: Just Survive gets name change and many new features

The developer Daybreak Game Company states that the intention is to separate the experience of the rest of the universe from H1Z1, more specifically from H1Z1: King of the Hill – combat game that had the involvement of the creator of player unknown’s Battlegrounds. The change of nomenclature is already valid on Steam, where the game currently goes through its Early Access phase.

“Just Survive is more about killing zombies, it’s about the players’ survival journey,” the developer says. According to her, the decision to abandon the H1Z1 brand “reflects just how Survive is developing into a more mature and polished game.”

The game has won a new version of the Badwater Canyon map, which is being offered in chunks as development proceeds. The first part of it is the region known as “Pine Mill Reservoir,” a forested area that fills approximately 25% of the size the site should have when finalized.

The base building system has been enhanced with the new “Stronghold” option, which adds modular structures and attack and defense events to the title. The weapons were “rebuilt from scratch” so that they gained new levels of attack and seemed unique – something that is complemented by a new system for detecting hits and new animations.

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