Google Reportedly Buried the Pixel Watch Years Ago


While the fans are as yet holding up for Pixel Watch, it now seems clear: Google stopped the project years ago, for good reason.

Next month Google’s next Pixel event will happen, and many specialists experts predict that the search giant will present its first smartwatch there, as was anticipated in previous years as well. As indicated by a report by Business Insider, in any case, this is basically unthinkable, in light of the fact that Google is said to have crushed the smartwatch project years ago. A Pixel Watch has been out of the running since 2016. The report states that the decision was preceded by a long discussion:


The eleventh-hour choice not to discharge the item set Google on a flighty course in the smartwatch market that has incorporated a noteworthy name change and left accomplices, app developers, and customers scratching their heads. In spite of being one of the principal organizations to perceive the potential for smartwatch innovation, Google has been consigned to the status of a piece player, apparently attempting to appreciate why the playbook that made it the prevailing player in smartphones has neglected to work with watches.

Google insiders have confirmed the report. The first Pixel Watch was to be produced by LG and was already more or less finished, but never came to the market. The design and the way the watch worked with Pixel smartphones were obviously not to the taste of the responsible team at Google.


Smartwatches are successful on the market

Smartwatches have long been considered a failure, but are now selling well. The most important player on the market is the Fossil Group, which develops and sells smartwatches with Wear OS for various brands, including Armani, Diesel, Michael Kors and Puma. The watches are to a great extent indistinguishable within, and the plan makes them to a greater degree a style embellishment than a refined wrist computer. This is generally welcomed available, yet evidently less so by Google itself.

If you were holding out for a Made by Google Pixel watch, you could be waiting forever!

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