Google Play Store will Currently Suggest You Erase Unused Apps


Memory full. This is a standout amongst the most well-known problems for smartphone users. Presently the Google Play Store acts the hero with a new feature. The app store of the huge G has begun sending notifications proposing you remove apps you never again use on your mobile to free up storage space.


Having authority over every one of the applications downloaded to our smartphone is significant a complicated task. In most cases we have countless apps installed that we haven’t taken a look at for quite a while and that just occupy the precious, and now and again scarce, the memory of our phones.

Presently, the Google Play Store makes it simpler than any other time. It will directly send a warning telling you to clean your smartphone and “erase unused apps for extra storage”. It is as basic as clicking on the message you have gotten and automatically go to a window of the Play Store with the rundown of applications that have not opened for quite a while. From here expel them forever from your smartphone is a piece of cake.


Delete unused apps via the Play Store

Apps that you go through take storage space on your smartphone that you can use for something different. There are presently dozens of apps in the Play Store that can enable you to find these apps, including Google’s own Files by Google. Also, you can use the settings> storage space on your phone to free up space by evacuating apps that are not used regularly.

Presently it appears that Google users with a notification need to demonstrate that unused apps can be expelled. The editors currently receive the following notification on a Google Pixel 3 XL and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


This message originates from the Play Store and on the off chance that you tap it, you will finish up in the ‘ My Notifications’ section of the side menu. Here you can expel unused apps similarly as previously mentioned alternatives to free up storage space.

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What’s your opinion of the new Google Play Store notification system? Is it useful to you?


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