Google Pixel 4: transparent case of device confirms design shown in leaks


Google Pixel 4 Google Pixel 4 is getting closer to being shown to the public in an official manner, and this realization makes the rumors about the device further stay close to what actually will see the final product. Recently the rendering of the transparent hood that will be sold to the cell phone practically confirmed the design of the device.

The fourth version of the Pixel line is expected to be the most innovative one ever developed by the search giant, given that this will be one of the biggest leaps in terms of design that the device already suffers, because its body will be very similar to what has been speculated as Apple’s choice for the new iPhones, big competitors of the brand.

In the image with the hood, the application of the square format in the rear camera, which can count on 3 lenses to give even more functionalities for the Google Pixel 4, mainly improvements in the best dark mode that exists in the mobile market is evidenced.

In the lateral visualization of the rendering, it is possible to have a notion of the thickness of the cameras of the apparatus with respect to the body, that can be around 1.1 mm. Already the overall size of the phone is very close to what we are accustomed to seeing in smartphones with a lot of screens, getting around 8.2 mm.

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There’s still a lot of speculation rolling around about the Google Pixel 4 line, including a new color that can be applied to the body, but little by little we’ve seen the top of the line approaches its final format compared to what has been speculated from the beginning.



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