Google Lens appears on Gboard with shortcut for integration in beta


GoogleAs it had already been found in the code of the beta version of Gboard, the Google keyboard is gradually starting to gain more integration with Lens. In the expanded menu, some users have found a shortcut to the tool by an icon that leads to visual search.

Through Gboard, Lens automatically opens the “Text” filter, in order to identify situations in the real world that you can search or type. When you can write something down, it is possible to “Copy text”, “Copy to computer”, “Listen”, “Translate” or “Search”. See the screenshots below:

Just like any other Google keyboard shortcut, you can drag the button to the main bar for easy access. Integrated access runs just like tapping an icon on the home screen.

Gboard should also be in charge of a new option called “Send to keyboard”. The feature has the role of automatically pasting what you saw in Lens to the last text field in which the keyboard was enabled.

According to the 9to5Google website, the integration has already appeared on several smartphones with Android 10 and 11. However, the function is still in the testing phase and is not expected to be released to all users.

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Next update of GBoard will bring color adaptable to the system and shortcut to Google Lens

The GBoard digital keyboard is about to receive an update that will make several interesting features available to users, such as a quick shortcut to Google Lens and a theme with color adaptation for the visual version implemented directly in the operating system.

The discovery was made by 9to5Google and shared by the competent developers responsible for XDA Developers, where they showed the features, which were found in version 9.6.3, which is the latest beta of GBoard.

In addition to emojis that will be present on Android 11, some data was found using codes that quote the entry of the dictation function instead of the already known voice typing. Now, it will also have a shortcut in the form of a key straight to Google Lens, staying above the normal line, in the same row where the microphone is located.

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On the visual side, Google is adding the theme “Standard Black”, which adds as an addition to “Standard White”, allowing that, when switching the phone to dark mode, the user can take advantage of an adapted version of the keyboard, giving a uniformity that was not present previously.

Source: 9to5google


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