Apple could be sued for deceptive trade practices


AppleApple may be the target of yet another lawsuit in the United States. That’s because the company is the target of an investigation in several US states, which is led by an attorney general in the state of Texas, in the south of the country.

So far there are not many details about what are the alleged “deceptive practices” committed by the technological giant in the commercial sphere, but, according to reports, these actions would violate the consumer protection laws in force in several states in the country.

In an Axios report, this ongoing investigation in these states could result in yet another lawsuit for the company for conducting fraudulent business practices.

“The Texas attorney general can sue Apple for violating the state’s fraudulent business practices law in connection with a multi-state investigation, according to the document, obtained by the Tech Transparency Project through a shared public filing request. with Axios on Thursday, ”says an excerpt from the report released on the investigation.

If it goes forward, this will be one of several other processes that the company is currently facing. In Italy, the company responds to an antitrust lawsuit filed yesterday, 23 July. In addition, on the 27th, Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to testify against another action at the United States Congress.

So far Apple has not commented on this new investigation opened for illegal trading practices.

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It is worth remembering that this month Apple has already escaped a billion-dollar fine after a lawsuit involving the violation of state tax benefit rules in Ireland.

Source: 9to5mac


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