Google Game Builder Wins 3D Game Building System Similar to Minecraft


Builder WinsAnd who likes the area of ​​game development, but never tried to create something for lack of technical knowledge in programming, you can celebrate. Google has just announced a breakthrough for its gaming platform called Game Builder, which aims to help amateurs create their first projects successfully.

The project developed by Google’s Area 120 is always getting updates based on user feedback to give even more general usability improvement tools as well as improving the game building to make the task even simpler for those who do not have the technical knowledge.

With a working environment similar to the Minecraft game, where the construction of sites is in the drag-and-drop style, leaving development quite intuitive in relation to other existing software. Obviously, although it’s for amateurs, it takes a certain practice to be able to create more elaborate games, but it is an interesting experience.Building System

It is worth remembering that, even though it is a theoretically simple program, it can help in the development of different gaming genres, such as FPS. In addition, there is a multiplayer mode so you can create games with the help of your friends online, making it even more enjoyable to use GB.

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The Game Builder is available for download through Steam for free, but it is important that the user has a minimum knowledge of English, as it does not have a version translated into our Tupinik language.



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