Google asks for special US license to resume negotiations with Huawei


HuaweiAs we know, despite the advances, Huawei still cannot use Google services and applications on its smartphones. That’s because the sanctions imposed by the United States government prevent the Chinese manufacturer from negotiating directly with the search giant.

As an alternative, Huawei has been looking to strengthen its ecosystem as a way to replace Google’s options. However, all is not lost, since the ban imposed by the US has also directly affected the parent company of Android.

In an interview published this week, the vice president of Android and Google Play, Sameer Samat, said that Google had requested authorization from the U.S. government to resume its business with Huawei.

Despite confirming that Google has been working hard to make its services available on Huawei devices, Samat said it is virtually impossible to know when the U.S. government will release the license. Thus, the decision-making power remains in the hands of the White House.

Anyway, Microsoft was one of the companies that have already received the “green light” to return to negotiations with the Chinese. Market analysts believe that the same should happen with Google since the company is responsible for the software and not for the hardware of the Chinese smartphone.

Even so, while the release does not happen, Google warned again that it is not allowed to install its applications on Huawei devices without Google Mobile Services. With that, while the definitive solution does not arrive, consumers from all over the world must be content with the services of the Chinese.

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Do you believe that a possible resumption between Google and Huawei should make the Chinese abandon its proprietary services (HMS)? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.

Source: androidauthority


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