Google and Claro donate 1,500 cell phones to foundation to support the visually impaired


Google Google and Claro are teaming up to promote the donation of 1,500 cell phones to the Dorina Nowill Foundation. The movement takes place without virtue of the Day of the Struggle of People with Disabilities.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 2.2 billion people with some visual impairment in the world, and the pandemic has revealed new difficulties for these people, also bringing a need for the development of new solutions focused on accessibility.

Google believes that the Android ecosystem offers robust options in this regard, with accessibility novelties implemented with each new version of the system:

The Android system has solutions to meet people with different types of limitations. Features such as Instant Transcription, Sound Amplification and Lookout (a tool that allows you to describe objects around you through your cell phone camera) allow everyone to fully enjoy your cell phone.

Claro enters the internet supply, which will be extended to all 1,500 cell phones involved in this action. Two years of access will be provided. After that period, smartphones will be donated to users.

The companies did not say which handsets will be distributed in the lawsuit, but they are known to be manufactured by Motorola.

Remember, iOS 14 has also improved accessibility features. One of the highlights of the update in this regard is the improvement of VoiceOver, now more independent to read the screen. For example, the resource is able to identify text within images, even if the article has not inserted alternative text for text-description. Even if image content has no text, VoiceOver can interpret it with some keywords that will help the visually impaired user to understand the context.

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