The Boys will win spin-off series on Prime Video


Prime VideoWhoever subscribed to Amazon Prime Video just to see The Boys just got another reason to keep the plan activated. Recently executive producers Seth Rogen and Eric Kripke will confirm that streaming movies and series is preparing for a spin-off of DC’s most controversial heroes.

The Boys’ second season debuted in early September, delivering three episodes at once to the audience, which was 98% approved. However, later, only one new chapter a week is being delivered on the platform, and at dawn today (25) the sixth was aired.

Contrary to the current context, the spin-off will be based on totally unprecedented content, which will take place in a kind of “college for superheroes”. This format will be inspired by the Hunger Games since it will be a place with several aspirants being manipulated and supported by the evil corporation.

Just like in the film series that gave even more prominence to award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, young people will undergo various physical, moral, and sexual tests, where the main purpose is to allow them to reach the limit and show what they are capable of.

Within this competitive context, it will be possible to filter the best to enter the new training phase, but in the midst of all this, the fans will see a lot of beating and confusion. So far, the spin-off still doesn’t have a defined name, or at least it hasn’t been released by Amazon, but the public can expect very attractive content for young people and adults, just like the original series.

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