Give him an Apple! Natura’s Valentine’s Day commercial was all shot with iPhone


AppleThe new times of social detachment require creativity to stay connected. The industry also needs to reinvent itself, and Apple may be enjoying how some companies are using the iPhone right now.

Natura’s latest advertising campaign, which focuses on distance dance challenges and comes at the time of Valentine’s Day, stars Tatá Werneck and Rafael Vitti, in addition to several other participants who complement the dances, all to the sound of “Fico Assim Sem Você”, originally recorded by Claudinho and Buchecha.

It turns out that, since the DPZ & T agency – which signs the commercial – was unable to move large structures and personnel for the recordings. Because of this, the videos were all obtained with the Apple cell phone.

The advertising agency does not say which models were used, but it is likely that the line used was the iPhone 11. In any case, the final result is pleasant, not least because the commercial aims to simulate a more “homemade” work.

With the commercial already showing on an open and closed television network, over the next few weeks, Natura should also use TikTok to promote the campaign, as it is inspired by the viral dances of the social video network.

Remember, Lady Gaga also recently used an iPhone to record the video for Stupid Love. This type of action has become more routine during the pandemic of the new coronavirus, not least because an iPhone can be kept in the pocket and used by a single person for the recordings.

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