Instagram may leave in the user’s hands the possibility of posts being incorporated by websites


Instagram Instagram may soon restrict an interesting feature of the platform to anyone who takes publications there to external sites. The incorporation feature has been the subject of discussions by Facebook, due to a recent lawsuit.

Photographer Elliot McGucken did not allow Newsweek magazine to use a photograph of himself in a publication, so the vehicle would have incorporated the same photo, which was available on his profile, in a digital story. Justice now decides, at the artist’s request, whether the magazine infringed copyrights, but as it all splashes on Instagram, the company reassesses the utility of the tool.

Instagram, on the one hand, requires the user to agree to sublicense their publications to other users when you create a profile. Even so, it may be that the platform adopts a previous release by the user, allowing or not allowing the user to let his publications be incorporated by others.

That is, if Facebook really decides to use this tool, it may be that soon some profiles will no longer allow, in the sharing menu, that a code be copied to be incorporated in news or report.

The measure should mainly benefit photographers who use the platform to publicize their work, however, it can slightly bureaucratize the lives of journalists from the most varied segments that cover celebrities, political authorities, companies, NGOs, and the most varied types of accounts that exist today on the social network.

In any case, the hammer has not yet been hit.

Remember, another controversy involving Instagram recently concerns the removal of content from Donald Trump’s profile, a problem that also involved copyright.

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And you, what do you think about the possibility of users allowing or not sharing their publications externally? Tell us in the comments!

Source: arstechnica

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