What a look! See a selection of downloadable sunset wallpapers


wallpapersThose who follow Techwikies with certain frequency should already know that we have a special affection with the provision of personalization items, especially for the provision of wallpapers that allow us to give new life to smartphones and tablets.

Thinking about it, today we bring you another selection of wallpapers that, contrary to the standard seen normally, focus on bringing as a proposal, not those that are made available on new devices but rather, focused on the theme “sunset”.

In this round, we have a total of 10 wallpapers with a ratio of 5120×5120 pixels and allow their use not only on mobile devices but also on PCs and notebooks.

Just like the other times when we had wallpaper offers here, we have the possibility to download them individually through the gallery below in full resolution just by clicking on “See original” in each one.

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However, if you want to obtain all the wallpapers in a unique way, you can do so by downloading the compressed file available on Google Drive through the link below, the file being 19.8MB.

So, what did you think of the sunset themed wallpapers? Tell us in the comments!

Source: idownloadblog

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