Galaxy S8, iPhone 7 and G6: definitive guide to the best camera


What is the best Camera phone on the market? That is the question many ask themselves before acquiring a new smartphone. According to the DxO Mark ranking, considering only the models we have in the Brazilian market, in TOP 3 are the Galaxy S8 , iPhone 7 and LG G6 in that order.

Galaxy S8, iPhone 7 and G6: definitive guide to the best camera

The TechWikies already held a blind vote with popular participation and our team , giving the victory to the Galaxy S8, but with the second place being in the hands of the G6, while the iPhone 7 squeaked last place, even losing to the Galaxy S7.

Before this picture we decided to go a little further in the analysis of the images captured for the comparative, trying to answer some questions. After all, what’s more, color fidelity or noise level? Good photos only in daytime catch or at night also have important weight? Among other factors.

Below are some of the original comparative images, but with cutouts (enlargement) that help you better understand the qualities and defects of each camera. Even the tip, in camera comparisons, try to enlarge the images to the maximum before voting.

Image 1

In the first image we have already learned an important lesson that is largely ignored in comparative cameras. Not always the clearest image is the one of better quality. In the example above we have the saturated images of the S8 and G6, against a more accurate capture in the colors and softer, although losing in the noise level for the rival of Samsung.

In this same image the iPhone 7 was last in the blind vote and here we have already begun to address an aspect that have presented great weight. The average user does not want a photo with color fidelity or with total absence of noise, he wants the photo to be “alive”, beautiful, to be shared in social media, even dispensing with the use of popular filters in fast editing applications .

Image 2

Starting from the second image, the rule discussed above is still valid, and although the iPhone 7 presents a more harmonious result, the saturation presented by the rivals gives them the victory.

Picture 3

The situation begins to change from the third image onwards. Here the picture of the podium repeats itself, but with the difference that justice has been done and the iPhone 7 is provAen to be over, with the G6 being a little better and the S8 unbeatable.

Image 4

In the fourth image we have the opportunity to check the level of detail that each camera presents. As you can clearly see, the G6 lets you read the number that was about 50 meters away, while the rivals apply a smoothing noise that blurs some details and, in the case of the iPhone 7, makes the image gray and lifeless.

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