Fortnite has patch 9.30 announced with the return of Chrome Commands and more


FortniteUnsurprisingly, Epic Games has made updates to its Fortnite game to keep players interacting and playing the title, which has won more than 10 awards during the year 2018, among which we can mention The Game Awards and Gamers ‘Choice Awards.

In today’s update, which takes the title to patch 9.30, the game has as main highlights the availability of the item “Healing Cure”, removal of the delay in the use of the shotgun and more. Check out the summary in each of the modes below.

Battle Royale

In Battle Royale mode, we have the arrival of the beverage “Healing Cure” that instantly grants 20 life/shield points for players in the area of ​​coverage, with priority being given to live recharge. If it is full, the beneficiary becomes the shield.

In addition, the delay in the use of the shotgun and the ability to hitchhike to the proximity grenade launcher, the reduction of the long-range effectiveness of the combat rifle and the direct shipment to the vault of the piston arc of the double pistols and Dynamite.

An extensive list of bug fixes and fixes, as well as improvements related to gameplay, performance, audio, interface, replay and for mobile devices, have also been implemented.

Creative ModeObject Hunting

In the so-called “Creative Mode”, we have the arrival of “Object Hunting”, allowing players to become an object to deceive their opponents, as well as the arrival of new islands, lighting, and mist.

It is also new in the way the inclusion of ten new prefabricated structures and galleries, as well as the change of name of the Gallery of Challenges that happened to be called Gallery Collectible.

As it could not be, here we also have bug fixes and adjustments related to weapons and items, tools and phones from the creative mode, prefabricated structures and gallery and more.

Save the worldNo Save the world

No, Save the world, updates are available in this update the return of Chrome Commands and the provision of the Antitempestade Shield, where the player must resist 30 waves of enemies of increasing difficulty. Players completing this quest will secure four new banners, a Legendary Hideout of Trolls and gold.

Speaking of the heroes, we have the availability of Ramirez and Jonesy, both being made available from tomorrow at 9 pm.

  • Ramirez – Cromada returns to the Event Store!
    • Standard Benefit: In One Grip
      • Reload with the empty comb regenerates 13.5% of your Shield over 3 seconds
    • Commander’s Benefit: In One Grip +
      • Reloading with the empty comb is 50% faster and regenerates 13.5% of your Shield over 3 seconds
  • Jonesy – Forged back to Event Store!
    • Standard Benefit: Steamy Pipe!
      • Increases Bullet Damage by 25%
    • Commander’s Benefit: Smoky Pipe! +
      • Increases Bullet Damage by 50% and alters the type of Damage to Energy

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More information about the patch in question can be checked in the official publication of Epic Games for the update in question through the link identified as ” Via ” in the credits of this matter.



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