Fell there? YouTube goes through instability and leaves videos inaccessible on mobile and PC


Youtube fell on Wednesday (11/11) and the company has already manifested itself on Twitter warning that it is working to solve the problem and allow the videos to be accessed again normally. The subject is at the top of the trends of the microblogging social network.

In the message (above) posted shortly after 9:00 pm they warn that “if you are having trouble watching videos on YouTube, you are not alone” , but that their team is already working to resolve it and will inform you when everything is back to normal.

It is worth remembering that the last time that YouTube fell was in the month of May, generating the same great anxiety in its immense community.

Youtube goes through problems and goes down for mobile and PC users
On Thursday night (14/05), YouTube experienced several instabilities and left navigation on the platform inaccessible to its users. Problems included the mobile app and the PC browser version.

According to data from the monitoring site Down Detector , shortly after 8 pm, there were already more than 4,300 notifications about user complaints. Of the total complaints, 51% referred to the site, while 32% reported general failure in the Google tool. Check it out below:

youtube outage history

In the case of access via a cell phone, the regular platform showed the message “There was a problem with the server [429]” – the code would mean excessive requests. YouTube Studio prevented even the user’s login.

Through the website on the computer, the section that shows recommended videos, in high and other categories stopped uploading. Only the side menu and a message about the Covid-19 pandemic appeared.

At the end of the production of this text, YouTube already appeared to be normalized. It is worth remembering that the tool applied, this week, some changes in its interface for smartphones.

We contacted the advisory of Google’s video platform to understand what happened to the system to the point of causing instabilities. When this site gets positioning from the company, the text will be updated.

And for you, did YouTube show instabilities on your phone or computer? Tell us in the space below!

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