Far from the sockets! Sennheiser launches battery-powered gamer headset that lasts over 100 hours


Sennheiser With the promise of low power consumption along with long battery life, Sennheiser’s newly announced GPS 370 headset debuts on the market as a great choice for gamers who want to spend as much time away from the power outlet.

The model can outperform Sennheiser’s GPS 670, a model that until then was the first in the list is the battery life, holding up to 20 hours on a single charge. Featuring a 117dB SPL (Sound Pressure Level), it does not reduce battery consumption by lowering output levels.

The headset brings the same sound processing found in the GPS 300 (wired) headset for clarity and high quality and offers almost zero latency.

Best of all is the versatility offered, as if the battery happens to run out of power during a gaming session, simply plug in the cable and continue to enjoy the gaming experience.

The boom microphone features noise-canceling, which delivers much quieter background audio than seen on many other Sennheiser gamer models.

The foam and head cushion are similar to those included in the SteelSeries Siberia 840, which is quite comfortable – ideal for those who spend many hours wearing headsets.

Sennheiser is a highly praised brand in the audio category, so its products often cost a lot more than other brands.

Its newest gamer headset is compatible with PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 and can now be purchased from the official website (US) for $ 199.95.

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The model comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 dongle, a micro USB charging cable and even includes the GSA 50 bracket which usually sells for $ 38 for free.

Source: en-us.sennheiser


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