Exit, founder of Foxconn asks Apple to transfer production from China to Taiwan


FoxconnBefore leaving Foxconn’s presidency to run for the presidential election in Taiwan, company founder Terry Gou recommended that Apple should change its production from China and obviously suggested its country as an ideal destination. Gou, 68, will leave the company on July 1 and will be replaced by Young Liu as of July 1.

Foxconn is one of Apple’s top manufacturing partners, producing many of the company’s iPhones in Zhengzhou, China. Rumors say that the apple can take part in its production of the Asian tiger because of the commercial war between the country and the United States.

The Trump administration should impose a 25% tariff on smartphones, laptops and tablets manufactured in China, although the Cupertino giant has asked its products to be excluded from these tariffs, arguing that the fee “would result in a reduction of the economic contribution of Apple in the US “and” would influence its global competitiveness. ”

On the other hand, Apple is already studying a way out of the country. The company would have asked its suppliers earlier this week to investigate the feasibility of transferring 15 to 30 percent of its production outside the country. Among the countries listed are India and Vietnam, more likely than Mexico, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

I’m asking Apple to move to Taiwan. I think it’s very possible ”

Terry Gou, founder and CEO of Foxconn

Foxconn’s next CEO, Young Liu, previously said that the company has the ability to produce all US iPhones outside of China. After the announcement, he also told the press that he will work to maximize shareholder interest – the biggest of which is the company’s founder himself.

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Foxconn employs about 1.2 million people in mainland China, where it is the largest employer and private exporter in the country.

Source: www.theverge.com


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