Epic Games acquires the Company of Anti-Tamper Services Kamu


The creators of the famous Easy Anti-Cheat service already work with Fortnite.

Epic Games acquires the Company of Anti-Tamper Services Kamu

Through an entry in the blog of Unreal EngineEpic Games has announced to the world its latest acquisition: the company Kamu, focused on the management, telemetry, and security of online games. If you play on PC, you will probably find it more familiar if we tell you that they are responsible for the Easy Anti-Cheat tool, which operates in 80 different video games for more than 100 million players.

“Kamu’s team and tools have been instrumental in creating a vibrant multiplayer experience at Fortnite, which is fair to all players,” explains Tim Sweeney, founder, and president of Epic. “Creating and publishing games today is incredibly challenging, and it’s barely half the battle.” Kamu’s tools for managing live games help developers expand and support their games successfully after putting them on sale”.

Of course, games that Kamu already supports in other companies ( Dragon Ball Fighter ZFar Cry 5Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, to name a few) will continue to have the same services as before. “Kamu’s team will continue to expand its support services for all the customers and engines they have chosen, while Epic’s new presence in Helsinki will serve as a foundation for new developers, engines, technology, and online services in Finland.”

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