Bethesda reveals the Complete Mapping of Fallout 76


West Virginia will be four times larger than the Fallout 4 map.

Bethesda: The 'Streaming' of Games will prosper in the Next Generation

Bethesda has made public today the map of West Virginia, the location where the impending Fallout 76 is set. As anticipated in E3 2018, it is huge; Therefore, we strongly recommend that you zoom in on the attached image if you really want to see a preview of what it has to offer.

Camera 76, which is the starting point for all players, is in the upper left corner. From there, we can make our way through a map four times that of Fallout 4, which fans managed to compose accurately several months ago, in the company of friends and strangers for the first time in the series.

The new Bethesda comes to stores on November 14 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One to encourage us to explore the Wasteland years before the events occurred in the numbered deliveries. In 3DJuegos we have already had occasion to play it, and we can anticipate what to expect from it in our recent playable impressions of Fallout 76.


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