End of party! Twitter ends support for APNG animated images on timeline


Twitter Anyone who has a long life on Twitter knows that by the early part of the decade it was possible for a limited time to use animated GIFs as an avatar. This policy quickly ceased to exist, but those who kept the image moving at the time have it with these resources to this day.

However, through tweets, it was still possible to post dynamic images through GIFs. But unlike when we will post still images, only one file can be posted at a time.

One solution to this “problem” was APNG, an animated image format that is a common PNG extension that allowed up to four files to be uploaded at a time creating new creative or commercial possibilities on the platform. But once again, the joy was short-lived.

Twitter earlier this week disallowed support for this type of file on the grounds that they are unable to comply with user account instructions. For example, a user may have set up so that animated images do not automatically play on the timeline to avoid spending on mobile data. APNG is unable to recognize the command.

Twitter’s biggest concern with this problem is that animated images, when used by malicious users, can trigger seizures in people with epilepsy. In addition, APNG images are much heavier than GIFs and can consume a lot of data as well as smartphone resources.

Accordingly, in the press release, there does not appear to be much interest in re-establishing support for this file format so soon.

Remember, a recent change in the platform app for iOS was the new layout on iPads, taking full advantage of the large screens of Apple tablets.

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And you, what did you think about the end of APNG support? Tell us in the comments!

Source: tecnoblog,net


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