Pocket City gets upgraded to add more cities and increase extra income


Pocket CityThe Pocket City city building game is one of the biggest hits in this category among recent releases, so the developer has to make constant and attractive upgrades to keep audiences investing just over $ 10 within the environment of the city. game.

Recently Codebrew Games released the list of updates made in December within the game, where several new features were added to amplify the building opportunities and gains within the environment created from the absolute most zero.

Among the added options is the amplification in the number of cities available, making the attached regions connected to the central environment so that the profit increase settings make other locations also receive a 25% increase in profits.

In addition, other housing options and forms of profit are unlocked with each level increase, making room variation even greater and amplifying each player’s building opportunities and even creativity.

In addition, it is now possible to build railroads at the top of the roads without affecting the connection between the bases on curves. And speaking of public transport, this type of vehicle now appears in traffic statistics to show how there might be a freeway.

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Other news

  • Destroying City Hall no longer sets income to zero (instead, happiness is reduced when there is no City Hall)
  • Disaster Reports Now Saved
  • Allow multi-build mode for shipping docks
  • Fixed an error where tax settings could be unintentionally changed
  • Several other minor bug fixes
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Source: blog.pocketcitygame


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