DC’s Arkham Universe The Next Rocksteady Video Game?


Rumors continue to appear in the network about what the new study project would be.

DC's Arkham Universe The Next Rocksteady Video Game?

Rumors continue, the many rumors, about the true entity of the next game of Rocksteady, responsible for the series Batman: Arkham. The last bet of the community comes from a publication on Reddit, receives the name of DC’s Arkham Universe, and would have a cooperative component.

The information, deleted from the platform, can be seen in ResetEra. Attending all the data offered, the adventure would be located in the same universe as the previous adventures of the studio with the main attraction of having a large playable representation of the Bati-Family: Robin (Tim Drake), Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman and Red Hood (Red Hood). The other point of interest would come from a Gotham 1.5 times larger insight in Batman: Arkham Knight, completely redesigned, with day and night cycle with meteorological phenomena, as well as a multitude of activities to perform(random crimes, persecutions, avoid robberies, etc). To move around the city, the user can choose between the different characters, in addition to a Batmobile redesigned for the occasion.

Obviously, the cooperative nature would be the main novelty against the four preceding deliveries. In this way, the possibility of making coordinated attack movements, as well as infiltration sequences where teamwork would play a prominent role is guaranteed. As for the story, a plot inspired by The Court of the Owls created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo in his stage with the Dark Knight in the New 52 a few years ago is guaranteed. In this way, there would not be missing in this hypothetical DC’s Arkham Universe Talons among other enemies.

It is good to take this information very carefully. The publication is rich in details, and Reddit has even found past signs in the form of web domain registrations, but it would not be the first rumor that remains in the bag about a Rocksteady project. Without going any further, in the past E3 was aimed at the presentation of a video game by Superman. More recently it was speculated again with the Justice League, and it was even insisted that the British studio would be in charge of the filtered RPG of Harry Potter. However, this “filtration” has an expiration date; Warner Bros. announced the adventure in Microsoft’s X018 dated November. If fulfilled, a release is scheduled for fall of 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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